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Am watching the NEWS concert now, and i'm so struck by how the emotions seem to surge in their faces, especially at the opening scenes. Sometimes they look like they're about to cry! (or am I thinking too much?)

It's been pretty long since NEWS had a member shift huh. I wonder how yamapi is doing. I never took a liking to him so I don't bother following his news.. just got curious while I watching the concert. Is he doing as well as NEWS is doing? :P
I know how ryo is doing, of course. In my opinion it was a good decision for ryo to leave one of the groups (and being an eito fan, i'm biased and extremely glad he stayed with eito, sorry guyzz)

anywayyyyyyy. i realise i like news so much better now :)
massu is looking so damn hot omg. and he has so much more air time now! yay.


Its been a long time! 1.5 months to my thesis deadline, I decide to translated stuff :P 
Its because this is precious! I wanna ruffle their hair <3 
Without further ado.. 

credits to: mikinyan

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All done! And because i'm much too lazy to check my work, please just tell me if you see any mistakes etc. thanks!
sorry about the smallish font.. i have no idea why its like that only for the main text! and i've tried changing the size... livejournal's sizing is just weird. why can't they have numberings just like everyone else?! 

greedy boy ftw


A big round of applause to fecundeety and I YAYYY \o/. All I did was to translate, and the girl did eveerrything else. We've talked about this for ages and just never got down to doing it,and now its finally done! This is a subbed audio recording (5 minutes or so) from recomen (yokohina's regular radio program). In short, it's just 5 minutes of absolute yokohina love <3.
I'm not gna dwaddle any longer and will just get straight to the point.

There is abit of background info you guys shld note before watching it, the context of the conversation was that hirunandesu was going to start soon. The live recording is done on thursday afternoons (naturally, a few hours later they have recomen recording together). So yoko is worried about the first live recording, and proceeds to whinge and whine at hina about it :DD.

Title: Yokohina recomen kamahen cut [10.03.2011]
Duration: 5:03
File format: .avi
File size: 31.95 MB
Dimension: 704x576


This is a one time thing, subbing involves alooot of commitment. Dappling in it once in awhile is fun! but probably not gna be in it for the long haul.. hope you guys will enjoy this as much as I did!

greedy boy ftw

johnny's countdown... finally.

i know i am slow, BUT i just watched the 2011/2012 johnnys countdown yesterday.
stunning revelation - news sounded so good without pi and ryo O:
i mean, i knew tegomass was the voices holding news up so i didn't expect their quality to sink when ryo and pi left, but i was so surprised cause they sounded SO MUCH BETTER!
other than that, there was completely nothing about the countdown that excited me other than the part where eito sang the ninjin song hahaha omg so cute XDD
oh and, just wanna mention.. kattun looked so bored singing musekinin hero! aw.
greedy boy ftw


so many things remind me of home. the strangest, most unexpected of things ring up the image of myself lying in my lime green bedroom, the sound of dishes clanging outside as my mum prepares breakfast. my dad will be cooing at his fishes and conjuring delicacies for them. a typical Sunday morning.

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should i start blogging again? like, for real. real stuff. haha.
you know.. i always thought i'm the kind of person who adapts well to changes in life. i don't like changes, but i think i adapt pretty well... now i just don't know anymore.
every small task just feels insurmountable to me...